Sun, Sand, Bikinis… and Men

Of course he SHOULD say you look great in whatever you wear. But, what is really inside your guy’s brain?
      Most importantly you should pick a swimsuit that flatters your body, and go from there. If your guy likes a full booty and you are flat as a pancake back there, you may want to forgo the thong bikini to save yourself the humiliation.  If your guy likes a fuller bust, try a plunging neckline or possibly a push-up.
Full Exposure:
If your guy likes the whole package, why not flaunt one of these sexy swimsuits on the beach? When Marie Claire asked 1000 random guys what they thought of this barely-there ensemble 74% enjoyed the style.  Only 26% of men thought that much exposure was better reserved for the bedroom. (About $50 at )
The Classic 2-piece:
This swimsuit has a little more substance than the string-bikini, but still showcases ALL of your assets.   It’s also a great way to showcase your savvy sense of style with different styles and shapes to choose from. When surveyed 93% of men approved of this option while only 7% were opposed.  (About $120 from
The Bandeau Top:
(My personal least favorite)
Men seem to like this simple strapless 2-piece ensemble.  89% of men were pro no straps while only 11% weren’t impressed.  Honestly, I am not impressed with this style either.  I think it does nothing for large and small chested women alike and somewhat risky as far as a nip-slip.
OndadeMar : black stretch nylon ruffle bandeau top : style # 323061501
Limited Exposure:
The Notorious Monokini:
This stylish hybrid swimsuit is guaranteed to cause awkward tan lines, but makes a big statement.  It is the ideal suit if you want to show off but have a little tummy. The suit to choose how much skin to show ( with more full coverage options and some resembling the string bikini).
The Tankini is a toss-up between men 53% percent like the look while 47% weren’t so fond of it.  This suit gives you the coverage of a one-piece with the look and versatility ( the option to mix and match tops and bottoms) of a 2-piece.
 The One-Piece:
 The majority of men prefer this more modest look with a surprising 65% of men while 35% preferred to see a little more skin.  This is my personal favorite for two reasons:
1. When I go to the pool/beach I actually enjoy swimming and being active.
2. With the right cut you can look super sexy while still leaving some things up to the imagination.
The Retro:
 These come in two different options.  There are 2-piece or 1-piece choices.  I also like these from a fashion aspect, but this was the men’s least favorite with only 21% impressed by this style and 79% who felt this style was too modest.
 Picking the best swimsuit that makes you feel sexy and confident should be your priority.  Like I said in my last blog, confidence is attractive.

Healthy is the new skinny. Happy is the new sexy.

The days of starvation diets and worshiping the scale are over!

 Women should be focusing on de-emphasizing numbers because, in reality, neither weight nor Body Mass Index tells us anything substantial about body composition and overall health.  Eating sensibly, activity, and other healthy choices are MUCH more important.   Women create a body image based on what the scale tells them is “beautiful.”  Instead of looking in the mirror every morning we look to our scale to tell us how we look. 


Personally, the BMI calculator tells me that at 125 I am borderline overweight, and should strive to be 100lbs.  That is absurd! I look my best at about 130lbs and working out regularly. I am curvy ALL OVER and looksickly at 100lbs.  I have a co-worker who is the same height (5’0) and looks her best at about 100lbs because she has a more slender build.  The point is, realize that you cannot change your body type: lightly muscled, bulky, rounded, you need to appreciate your body and work with your genetics.  Comparing your body to others is like comparing apples to oranges….It’s just not the same. 

                You can, however, workout regularly and eat sensibly to achieve certain results you would like to see in your own body.  It’s up to you.  Whatever makes you happy and makes you feel sexy is what works best.  Just because your friends all want six-pack abs does not mean that is what YOU want.  Just focus on moving and enjoying your body.  If you don’t want that super sculpted look, try walking, swimming, biking, dancing, or yoga a few times a week. 


Hungry is not cute:

“The body fat of models and

portrayed in the media is at least 50% less

than that of healthy women”

(British Medical Association)

The prevalence of “size zero” models earned international attention when – after protests by physicians and women’s rights advocates the year before – the organizers of fashion week in Madrid, Spain, announced that they were banning all models whose body mass index fell below 18.

A month before the 2006 Madrid fashion week, 22-year-old Luisa Ramos died of heart failure brought on by anorexia nervosa during a fashion show in Uruguay. According to Australian publication The Age, Ramos “was reported to have adopted a diet of lettuce leaves and Diet Coke for the three months before her death.”

          Six months later, Luisa’s 18-year-old sister, Eliana, was found dead in her bedroom. Martin Beckford, a writer for The Telegraph newspaper, reported that “A source involved in the investigation into the teenager’s death said     ‘The primary diagnosis is death due to symptoms of malnutrition.’”


If you are naturally thin, there is NOTHING wrong with that. If you are starving yourself to try to reach some unrealistic ideal of “skinny” you may want to speak with a mental health professional.  This is unhealthy and unflattering.  When you deprive your body of essential nutrition your hair can thin, your skin becomes dull, you are weak, your nails become flimsy, and your overall natural beauty diminishes. Being Happy and healthy exudes confidence and sexuality.

Proven Tips and tactics to use Peroxide as a quick fix for many of your beauty needs!

Hydrogen Peroxide has so many good uses that no household should be without it. The best part is that it is very inexpensive and readily available in your local drugstore. It is an effective cleaner, can improve your skin, disinfect items and even help heal infections. Hydrogen peroxide uses oxygen to kill germs, this process is called oxidation. Oxidation is nothing more than a controlled chemical burn process. All organisms are killed dead and what is left of the hydrogen peroxide is oxygen and water. If used property, it is extremely safe and better to use than harsh chemicals.

There are many formulations of hydrogen peroxide. This article is only talking about using the over-the-counter 3% solution available at the local drugstore. There are stronger formulas, ranging from 6% to 35% (and even higher) but they are much too strong. These stronger formulas should never be used in the ways discussed in this article. Hydrogen peroxide should never be taken internally (no swallowing, ever) because it can cause awful digestive issues. Hydrogen peroxide should never be put into eyes because it can burn, sting and in some cases, cause injury. So be careful that the liquid does not splash in your face.

Health and Beauty Tips:

1. Mouthwash: swish a tablespoon or so of 3% hydrogen peroxide with plain water for about a minute, spit it out and rinse with water. This will help whiten teeth and is very helpful if you suffer from gum disease. If you have a throat infection, gargle with the solution and then spit out and do a gargle rinse with plain water. Do not ever swallow hydrogen peroxide. If your mouth and gums start to feel sensitive, take a break from the mouthwash for a few days.

2. Disinfection: Dip your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide for 10 to 20 seconds and then rinse it off, this will help kill any bacteria that might be on your brush.

3. Clearer skin: If you suffer from acne and blackheads and are using benzoyl peroxide, try wetting a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and applying to troubled areas. In about a week you will notice it starts to dissolve the junk trapped in your pores, painlessly. Using benzoyl peroxide, in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide is very effective anti-acne medication. It is important to note that hydrogen peroxide on the skin may have a temporary lightening effect, this is only a temporary effect, it goes away quickly, but limit the soaked cotton ball to the areas that really need it.

4. Deodorant: If you have sensitive skin you can try filling a small dark colored opaque spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide and spraying it under your arms and let it dry. Use a dark colored spray bottle because light deactivates hydrogen peroxide. Do not use transparent or translucent bottles to store hydrogen peroxide.

5. Athlete’s Foot (Fungus): fill half of a dark colored opaque spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and the other half with plain water. Spray your feet, toes and nails every day and let them dry.

6. Hair bleach: If you do not have color-treated hair and want quick, easy highlights add half of a dark colored spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and the other half with plain water. Spray it on wet or damp hair, let it air dry. This will lighten your hair gradually so you can inspect it once it is dry to see if you want another application. This process is best for only subtle lightening. Too many applications are drying, so use a good conditioner to moisturize your hair. If you want something more dramatic than subtle highlights, you are better off seeing a professional hairdresser.

7. Detox Bath: Once every other week, add 2 cups hydrogen peroxide to your bathtub, oxygen is transferred through your pores into your body, helping the body eliminate toxins. Limit the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the bath to two cups, no more. Adding more hydrogen peroxide does not make it a better bath, again use only 2 cups in a full bathtub.